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Introducing CEPRES' Personal Concierge at your disposal
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PE.Watch Private Networking with Community Intelligence
PE.Watch is an online gateway to CEPRES community intelligence that integrates the whole investment and capital cycle
Limited Partners
  • Discover new strategies & markets
  • Enhance due diligence & GP selection
  • Optimize & forecast your portfolio and improve GP oversight
General Partners
  • Analyze investments vs your peers to highlight your strengths
  • Promote your strategy and facilitate LP screening
  • Respond to due diligence demands to secure hard commitments
PE.Watch Lock and Key Privacy
With PE.Watch you are in control of your privacy and never exposed without your explicit permission
Limited Partners
  • Receive and review GP screening sheets in private and don't be exposed to mass solicitation
  • Use your personal Watch-list for GP oversight and control from your desk
  • Keep your private investment strategy private and out of the media
General Partners
  • Receive private invitations from LPs genuinely interested in your strategy
  • Focus your business development efforts to best-fit counterparties
  • Keep your marketing efforts private and off-radar until you are ready to declare
PE.Watch Connect and Control
PE.Watch speeds up your networking and control by automating laborious CRM functions like capturing new LP/GP details from business cards
Limited Partners
  • Have GPs feed their detailed information direct to your private Watch-list
  • Use team and supervisor roles for oversight of internal and external relationships to counterparties
General Partners
  • Increase IR efficiency with auto-tracking of circled LPs
  • Manage compliance and quality with editorial controls and team oversight for internal and external IR resources
Personal Concierge
Your Personal Concierge
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CEPRES’ Personal Concierge fills in the information for you. By contacting your Personal Concierge you can save time during the registration and set up process. Register now as a user and let CEPRES’ Personal Concierge take care of the rest!
Need Help?
CEPRES’ Personal Concierge also provides general and technical support and assists with any problems regarding the platform. Contact us with any inquiry and let CEPRES' Personal Concierge assist.
About Us
CEPRES is a privately held independent company, established in 2001, that provides specialist investment products and services for a growing community of 100’s of LPs and GPs in private equity, private debt and infrastructure markets. We deliver self-service online platforms for the investment community (LPs, GPs, Advisors, Agents) in private illiquid markets (buyout, venture, growth, debt, infrastructure, distressed) that address the constraints and tightening return profiles in modern markets. Visit our website at to find out more.